My First English Opinion In This Blog

This is my first opinion in English. This tag category is used only in English. Why do I do this ? Simply, I just wanna say that English is very important in our life especially for the field which use it as the main skill. 

Many knowledge and information use English as the main language to share. For the examples are you can get the Information from the internet in English wider than our Native ; Bahasa Indonesia.

 Besides that, In my opinion is Indonesian people must master English if they want to increase their knowledge and skill in their competence.

As Indonesian I realized that English is very important in my life. With English competence that I have, it gives many advantages in my careers. I started my career in the hotel as an employee in Food and Beverage Department and also as a Butler. At present, I am an English teacher after I decided to be a teacher when I had finished my career in the hotel. I believe there will be more advantages and opportunities that I will get someday as I wish.

That are what I wanna share with you about the opportunity while you have your own English competence. What do you say ?

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